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I act as a catalyst for individual, community, and economic development by empowering students by providing lifelong learning opportunities. I am a nationally recognized, world-class leader who has offered learning opportunities that contribute to economic progress and cultural enrichment for my students and the communities they serve.

I maintain a 92% passing rate among my self-motivated students. I create a caring, inclusive, and safe environment both in the classroom and online that inspires all people to achieve their goals, share their successes, and encourage others.
I set, expect and maintain high educational standards consistent with the needs of the students, region and changing workforce. I am accountable, honest, and transparent while adhering to the highest ethical standards in all my pursuits. I commit myself to effective, open and proactive communication among faculty, staff, students, and the external community. With an 82% matriculation rate, I ensure access to higher education by offering clear pathways to academic success and transformative opportunities for the diverse populations.


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The Hollywood Quarterly adheres to the advancement of all good literature, arts, and visual media; the advancement and education of creative visionaries in all manner of good literature, arts, and sciences; and all other necessary provisions that may conduce to a global recognition of literary excellence.

The Hollywood Quarterly strives to provide a published journal of exciting and innovative written narrative, expository, cartoon and video content, to open the minds of scholars around the world. To these ends, The Hollywood Quarterly encourages subscribers to respect ideas and their free expression, and to rejoice in discovery and in critical thought; to pursue excellence in a spirit of productive cooperation. The Hollywood Quarterly encourages individuals to explore their capabilities and interests and develop their full intellectual and human potential.


It was my mission as director of theatre arts programs for Nimitz High School

to create and maintain an environment which empowered every member of the school community to reach a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards. Within this environment, I encouraged students to reach their individual maximum potential by engaging them in comprehensive and challenging programs.

As creator of the Department of Theatre at Classen School of Advanced Studies,

I was dedicated to the academic study of theatre through process (curriculum in the classroom) and product (production) learning. Classen Theatre achieved excellence through quality instruction, a college prep-curriculum and high performance standards in productions of classical, contemporary, and new plays. Classen Theatre engaged, enriched, and informed students and community through collaboration.Headshot 3
The Performing Arts Program offered at Classen provided artistically talented young people a rigorous conservatory-style training in the visual arts; dance and the dramatic arts; vocal and instrumental music including strings, guitar and piano. Students also participated in a comprehensive academic, college preparatory program. All Classen students completed a double program consisting of a major (Visual Arts, Vocal-instrumental Music, Strings, Guitar, Dramatic Arts/Technical Theatre-Directing, Acting, Design, History and Criticism, Piano, Dance, Photography and Videography) along with an academic program.


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