Teaching Philosophy


When individuals collaborate with an educator to construct a solid foundation for learning, their capacity for success beyond basic skills is limitless. They see the possibilities of infinity.

I have implemented this philosophy since my first years in the classroom. The cornerstone of my philosophy is a fundamental belief in the promise of a challenging and fulfilling life for all students. I developed a shared learning system early on, and that model continues to encourage students to form cooperative learning groups, share ideas and knowledge with other students…and thrive. Students process information from multiple sources, and that is why I balance individual learning with cooperative group experiences. I am all about organization. The more focused and structured students become, the more encouraged they are to strive for deeper critical understanding.


And humor. Laughter is a priceless teaching tool. A powerful vibration, humor allows students to use multiple brain functions and enjoy the most difficult learning tasks. I have a gift for humor, and it forms the foundation of my classroom teaching methods. To me, fun is the ultimate trump card.

I believe this is a most exciting time for educators to bring together diverse groups of students with a common goal of creating an enriching learning experience for all. As students celebrate one another and join cooperative groups, districts, parent organizations, teachers and administrators have a unique opportunity to organize global environments where all benefit. I feel that shared learning moves beyond the classroom student to my colleagues. I gain wisdom and insight through my connections and collaborative efforts with fellow instructors and campus staff members.



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