"When individuals collaborate with an educator to construct a solid foundation for learning, their capacity for success beyond basic skills is limitless. They see the possibilities of infinity. "

-Debi Hall 855-500-9911

Global Educator

I have been dedicated to education for over 28 years. I am impressed with the world’s ever growing online education community. I have been an online instructor since 2010, and I enjoy setting up virtual classrooms.
I am called the “queen of tutorials” in the online instruction world. Read more…

Web Design

How many times have people asked “how can I see your website?” Everybody’s got a website. Businesses use them to sell products. Individuals have their blogs. The quality of these  sites and the purposes they serve, however, do vary. Read more…

Hollywood Quarterly

The Hollywood Quarterly adheres to the advancement of all good literature, arts, and visual media; the advancement and education of creative visionaries in all manner of good literature, arts, and sciences; and all other necessary provisions that may conduce to a global recognition of literary excellence.  Read more…


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