Dead Game

TAGLINE: Evil never loses. It just changes faces.
LOGLINE: Nina has something Shelby wants: her great body. When an obscure game allows Shelby to get it, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep it, even if it means defeating the evil creature, Victor.
Shelby was a normal 19 year old with fantasies of life as a hip and slick goth girl. Unfortunately, she could not measure up physically or mentally to the dark students she admired.
Nina, her one friend, a smoking hot blonde, enjoys Shelby’s company…as long as Shelby provides the drugs.
On a day like any other, Shelby drops by to see Boogie, her surrogate mother. Boogie is a compassionate older German woman. While there, Shelby finds an old wooden box with the word Navitas burned into it. Boogie claims it is an old game: just junk. After Boogie leaves to check on her son, Victor, Shelby puts the box back, but the contents spill onto the floor. Shelby takes the pretty amulet and leaves.
When Victor convulses and his skin begins to deteriorate, he realizes that the amulet must be gone. Without it, he will die.
The ancient enchanted amulet was saved from a fire. Kahldir, the nobleman who played the game, was beheaded when he beat the king. The king had demanded that all the games be destroyed, but Kahldir saw to it that two games and amulets were saved.
One of the games now in Victor’s possession, it becomes his manic quest to get the amulet back. In the meantime, as chance would have it, Shelby finds the other matching Navitas game. Now, she has her own game box, complete with dice and amulet, as well as Victor’s amulet.
When Shelby tosses the dice in her own game box, Kahldir appears and teaches her to interpret the antediluvian dice. Kahldir vanishes when Nina interrupts them. Behind Shelby’s back, Nina takes the amulet. Thus, when Victor arrives to get the amulet back from Shelby, it is gone. In frustration, he kills Shelby.
As Shelby’s ghost emerges from her dead corpse, Nina re-enters and Kahldir tells Shelby’s Ghost to enter Nina’s body. It is time for her to play the game. Shelby is thrilled to be able to live life again, inside the body of this gorgeous girl. And, as an added bonus, she gets Nina’s hunky boyfriend, Peter.
The game is afoot, and through a series of wild events, we learn the true identity of Victor and watch Shelby face the challenges that the game presents to her, including murder! Shelby and Victor at last meet for a final show down with Kahldir presiding. Both Shelby and Victor learn that in Navitas, the game never ends.

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